Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Desert Island Product?

Ok guys

Quick one today, what's your desert island product?

The one product you couldn't live without. It doesn't have to be one you wear daily, just something you love and can't imagine how you lived B.P (before product ;) ).

Leave comments below, and say in as few words as poss, why you can't live without it. I look forward to reading your comments :)

This is difficult, but mine would have to be 'Me Me Me- Correct and Perfect Concealer Kit'.

This thing is perfect and if I could only have one product, this is 2 in 1, 3 if you count the mirror.

Mirror- so you can check yoself out when staring at sand has lost its fun ;)

Creamy concealer- not the best quality ever, but good enough to cover minor breakouts and lessen the extent of dark circles.

Powder- this is ace, if it was my only product I'd use this (and sometimes do use it) as a loose powder do cover oily patches on my face. Its so fine and makes your skin silky smooth to touch.

I'd just need an endless supply of it so I know it would last :)

Now leave your comments below :)



Monday, 14 March 2011

Sleek Makeup- True Colour Lipstick in Vixen Review

Hey again :)

Today I am going to review a product by Sleek Makeup.

I recently found this brand at a local Superdrug, and boy am I addicted. They sell a range of products, from neon eyeshadows to contouring kits.

I was searching for a super red Marilyn Monroe-esque lipstick, and saw their True Colour in Vixen. I wasn't expecting much as it was around £3.99 not cheap and tacky but not as expensive as some of the higher end drugstore brands (Bourjois etc).

The wesite tells you that it is highly pigmented and contains vitamin E.

I used to go to the cinema, and have used it since and boy am I impressed. The thing I like most about Sleek is that they design their products for all skin colours. They have foundations for the darkest of skin tones- and by that I don't mean what most brands consider dark, I mean every woman regardless of ethnic background will be able to wear their products...

Thus the lipstick really was highly pigmented. One layer and my lips were very red, three plus layers and I'm giving Marilyn a run for her money :D

Staying power for this is good aswell. I applyed the lipstick at about 6.30 and got home at around 10 and it looked pretty much as bright- definatley no need for touch ups. Also I suffer dry lips, and alot of lipsticks make my lips look dry and chapped and feel uncomfortable. But I think the vitamin E hydrated my lips- I only used chapstick once the entire night (a record for me might I add).

They have other shades- which I am going to try. The Vixen shade is gorgeous, very bright red- suitable for evening or day time (if you like to wear red during the day). Another thing I noticed, was that when I had a drink, there seemed to be none left on the cup- this might be just me, but it seems to want to stay to your lips and not go everywhere.

So all in all a super lipstick which I would recommend to anyone wanting a pretty pigmented reasonably priced red lipstick (9/10).

Peace and lippy :)

Miss Chaos


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Benefit Coralista Review

Hey all :)

Well first off if you were looking for swatches, my camera is broken for now but I just wanted to get a blog up so I had something on my blog. 

Ok so everyone knows Benefit is an expensive brand. I got my Coralista in the "Her Name Was Glowla" Christmas 2010 Special Edition set (reviews coming soon). And I personally am glad I didn't pay that for the blush on its own.

The quality of the blush is superb, it feels glossy even though its a powder (as opposed to chalky/dusty). It has a lovely fruity smell. On application, it doesn't settle into lines or pores, and goes on evenly. It leaves your skin feeling glossy and lasts a decent amount of time. The brush, although it gets alot of stick, I find is decent quality and it would be useful for on the go if you wanted, so you're not bringing a brush roll out and about with you.

So why would I not purchase again? It is not the right shade for me. I have light skin, with rosy undertones, so I would suit shades like Dandelion, when I wear this blush even when I try to apply it very very lightly, it makes me look embarased at best, sunburnt at worst.

This blush would look lovely on someone with medium toned skin, however if you are pale, I would consider Dandelion or maybe Thrrrob.

So overall for quality Iwould give 8.5/10 however for me personally I would give it a 3.5/10

Peace out

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hello is it me you're looking for?

Just a quick hello and an intro to the blog.

Over the past few years I've been looking at reviews and such of beauty products on blogs like these. I have finally decided to join in :)

I intend to review beauty products mainly, however as music is another of my interests, don't be shocked to find an album review or live gig review.

The reviews will aim to be fair, I am no expert, so the opinions are purely from a consumers opinion. I am abit of a hoarder, so I have plenty of products which I intend to review.

Feel free to subscribe and keep checking back.

Peace out :)
Miss Chaos